I come from a line of feminists, four generations of belief in women; I feel like it is in my blood so it was exhilarating to come of age during the second wave of feminism.

Another very important influence in my life, was growing up going to an all-girls school. This was instrumental in giving me confidence and a respect for women. At college I majored in art, receiving a B.F.A. from Cornell. As a print-making major I was working right next to a small letter press shop and became entranced with the world of books. I created artists books and became a mistress letterpress printer.

Space exploration has captured my imagination since childhood, so I was excited when asked to join the NASA Art Program on Space Shuttle; I made several trips to launches and exhibited work at Cape Kennedy. Later I was celebrated as one of the women artists who participated in the NASA Art Program in an exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

A spell in California for an M.F.A. in typography and book making started a career in book design and art directing for twenty-five years in New York City. This work supported my feminist art that did not sell like hot cakes.

During the eighties and nineties in New York I exhibited in many of the alternative spaces flourishing then (Franklin Furnace, La Mama, Broadway Windows) as well as at the Ceres Gallery. Also during this period I was on the board of the Women’s Caucus for Art, participated in a group out of Chicago (Sister Serpents), was a member of a women’s drumming group (The Mob of Angels), and published work in feminist magazines of that time (‘Women of Power,’ ‘Iris,’ ‘Kalliope’).

A retrospective in Barcelona was a culmination of many years of work, an exhilarating experience. The Spanish audience was very responsive, particularly to my work dealing with death and gender.

Following 9/11, a layoff, and divorce, I started a three-year period of recovery through the creation of my own home, The Healing House. A second sojourn of five years in California offered the opportunity for plein air activities; and in the extensive garden that I created there, I took to oil painting, spending many hours covering surfaces of all kinds.

Now after my Mother’s death, I finally have come home to the south. Here I intend to stay. I will continue my own journey towards death, to make art on that path.